Sarah Hammond, E-RYT, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, CHEK

Sarah believes that your body, mind & spirit are designed to be healthy… vitality is built into every cell in your body. She found yoga in 1997, through her father, and truly gained respect for it – only after 4 children, stressed adrenals, a herniated disk, 46 triathlons, holistic lifestyle coaching/ personal training / spinning certifications- and finally realized that yoga is the magic bullet. 
Yoga connects us to our minds and bodies, transforming them, so that we can get connected to our dreams.  When anchored to our dreams, we are willing to make lifestyle changes that truly maximize our vitality! Our body is sending us messages all the time. Yoga helps us listen. Her yoga classes are Vinyasa Flow based, with strength, and a supportive lifestyle coaching foundation. Her goal is to empower her students to be their best selves.