Marisa Peot

Yoga has been such an unbelievably wonderful journey for me. I first found yoga when I was a child, practicing along side my mother while she was pregnant with my younger sister, which truly sparked a passion for the health and wellness for myself and others. This practice has given me so many gifts, including the deeper spiritual connection between my mind, body, and soul.  I believe that yoga has the ability to bring serenity and balance to anyone’s life, on and off the mat!
I’ve been practicing the Usui system of Reiki since 2013. I have been attracted to healing practices for the entirety of my life and when I found Reiki, it resonated with me on the highest level. My passion for this type of healing has blossomed into a beautiful practice for myself, and for my clients and students. Rei Ki (Universal Life Force Energy) is a form of energy healing/therapy using the hands to focus and channel energy into the energy channels and chakras. This light-touch therapy can be modified to a hands free type of healing for those who have an aversion to physical touch or for those who suffer from PTSD, If you have any questions about what Reiki is or how it may be able to help you or a loved one, I am always available for questions, discussion,or more information regarding Reiki healing!