•FREE GRATITUDE FLOW AND SALE  –  Join us for a donation based class at 9am Thanksgiving morning (please bring in hygiene items)  and Enjoy 20% off 10 and 20 class packs Wednesday through Sunday.    •Mindful Yoga – Wednesdays 7-8pm  – Mindful Yoga blends movement with awareness bringing attention to alignment and breath.  Each class will offer meditation, deep yin poses and a gentle flow.  The ability to combine awareness practice with a physical practice not only deepens your yoga practice, but provides an opportunity to extend that practice to your daily life.   •Lunchtime Quickie – Thursdays 12-1 pm  – Got 60 minutes?! Lunchtime Quickie is a great combination of internal heat building through a faster flow that leads into longer strengthening holds.  This class brings you safely into deeper opening and lengthening before healing with breath in savasana and sending you on your way!  Get ready to embrace the second… >> learn more.