Our Instructors

Sarah Hammond, E-RYT, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, CHEK

Sarah believes that your body, mind & spirit are designed to be healthy… vitality is built into every cell in your body. She found yoga in 1997, through her father, and truly gained respect for it – only after 4 children, stressed adrenals, a herniated disk, 46 triathlons, holistic lifestyle coaching/ personal training / spinning certifications- and finally realized that yoga is the magic bullet.    Yoga connects us to our minds and bodies, transforming them, so that we can get connected to our dreams.  When anchored to our dreams, we are willing to make lifestyle changes that truly maximize our vitality! Our body is sending us messages all the time. Yoga helps us listen. Her yoga classes are Vinyasa Flow based, with strength, and a supportive lifestyle coaching… >> learn more.

Meg Ormsby

I discovered yoga in high school when the world felt like it was moving  too fast and I needed to slow down. I am a fast paced person and In high school I was captain of my volleyball team, taking care of my grandparents, holding down a job, and going to school but knew there was something missing in my life. I am now studying early-childhood education at UW-Milwaukee, which continues my love and passion for children. I strive to help people become the best person they can and want to be and believe everyone should continue to act like a kid every once and a while. I am a kid at heart and it is seen with my bubbly, energetic, and… >> learn more.

Alisyn Vermey, CYT 200, and Certified Kids Yoga Instructor

Alisyn was introduced to yoga after her gymnastics career ended, due to a fractured T-8 vertebrae. Yoga healed her from the inside out and opened many doors including discovering her purpose for teaching. She then found a love for teaching children mindful movement. Her career of teaching kids started five years ago as a gymnastics coach and camp counselor, then evolved into teaching kid’s yoga.She received her 200-hour teaching certification in 2014 at YogAsylum from Pamela Bliss. Currently, she’s a student at UWM achieving her bachelors of Health Science degree in Kinesiology. She believes giving the gift of yoga to children will provide them with tools to carry for the rest of their lives. It is her purpose to develop a fun,… >> learn more.

Brigid Brennan

Brigid Brennan is an international yoga instructor, beginning her practice in 2009 in Florence, Italy, where she lived for five years. It was here where she attained her 200-hour teaching certificate and began teaching public and private lessons. As a competitive Irish Dancer for over twelve years, Brigid brings her awareness of body and breath, mind and movement to her classes. She aims to share the benefits of yoga with everyone who is interested in learning more, because yoga truly is for everyone. Whether it is your first time on the mat or you have a consistent practice, all are welcome to join.

Jesse Burris, CSCS, RYT200 and Certified Natural Trainer

Jesse is a Certified Yoga Instructor, who focuses on a Vinyasa style of movement and alignment.  He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sports Science with an emphasis on fitness at UW-La Crosse.  Jesse has been instructing yoga for one year now and also has teaching group exercise classes for 5 years.  Through his health and wellness journey, he discovered a passion for yoga, and after becoming a Certified Natural Trainer which incorporates yoga and functional movements of the body.  He continues to deepen his yoga practice and other areas of training while sharing the knowledge he has gained with others. In his free time, Jesse enjoys fishing, hunting, playing card games, and traveling the world. Jesse continually looks to expand his knowledge in yoga… >> learn more.

Jessica Homintowski, CYT 200

I believe that yoga is for everyone. It is therapeutic on every level. Through breath and movement, yoga not only connects us to the physical body but it also enables us to move inward and connect to the mind. Rediscovering yourself every day, on and off of the mat, is the practice of yoga. Yoga has improved my quality of life and I hope to share that same gift with others.

Kristine Davis-Koch, RYT 200

My classes are Vinyasa Flow, as well as alignment based and suitable for all mixed levels. We flow through postures that are entertaining for novices and the more experienced alike. I love to inspire and empower students at all levels to practice and play, with attention to alignment, longer holds and gentle adjustments. 

For me yoga is challenging, fun, and should be practiced with a sense of humor. Yoga is not just for the experienced and fit, but fun for the beginners as well. I enjoy teaching high school athletes, senior citizens, and all ages in between. Start where you are today, and really, it’s okay to laugh along the way.  Just breathe.  Everything else is optional!

Gwen Koscinski E-RYT200

Yoga began as this beautiful physical experience, but it was the mindful element of yoga that captured my heart. I believe that yoga is for everyone… a celebration of you and this body that we live in.  For me, the mat is an adult playground … Truly an opportunity to try new things and moments of spontaneity that our daily lives rarely allow us. Whatever it may be, my classes will give you a chance to play, reflect and explore your strengths, both inner and outer; as we seek the art of balance.

Brie Lindemann RYT200

Brie received her training at Core Essence in the Spring of 2015. She has been practicing yoga for over 17 years as a means of finding and maintaining quiet in her mind and body. Yoga is a constant reminder to look within yourself for healing.  Teaching has been an inspiring and rewarding addition to her yogic journey.   She strives to bring her students, through strengthening and aligning asanas while maintaining a consistent inner strength and fluid breath.  “yogaLOFT is mindful leaving your ego at the door and entering with acceptance of your practice at any stage in your journey.  I’m grateful for my students and what they bring to the practice.” 

Heather Nill, RYT 200

Heather Nill was amazed at what happened when she stumbled upon a hot yoga studio in Naples, FL when she was on a family vacation. Loving the challenge, the flow and play all in one, she was back the next day for more and continued on with becoming certified under Wild Abundant Life and Deborah Williamson. Inspired by the Baptiste philosophy, her class will be a blend of muscle endurance, with a rockin’ vin and chillin’ yin.  As a mom of two and a corporate executive by day, yoga has helped her maintain a strong body, healthy mind and find calm among a crazy and blessed life. Like the book, she lives her life to “Dare Greatly” and wants to empower others to know anything… >> learn more.

Marisa Peot

YOGA Yoga has been such an unbelievably wonderful journey for me. I first found yoga when I was a child, practicing along side my mother while she was pregnant with my younger sister, which truly sparked a passion for the health and wellness for myself and others. This practice has given me so many gifts, including the deeper spiritual connection between my mind, body, and soul.  I believe that yoga has the ability to bring serenity and balance to anyone’s life, on and off the mat!
REIKI I’ve been practicing the Usui system of Reiki since 2013. I have been attracted to healing practices for the entirety of my life and when I found Reiki, it resonated with me on the highest level. My passion for this type of healing… >> learn more.

Mary Poorman, CYT, E-RYT

Mary started her yoga journey after college but never had a consistent practice. Her real journey began after having children and dealing with chronic back/hip pain. It was there that she was introduced to the calm and physical comfort yoga could bring to her busy life, as well as strengthen and challenge her physically. As she began to feel the transformation yoga had in her life she felt inspired to share the gift of yoga with others. She believes Yoga is truly capable of transforming the mind, body and spirit. Mary is thrilled to be able to have the extensive training to share how this practice can change your life.