Gerri McBride, Certified Pilates Instructor

ATT_1430321941930_photo-17Creating the joyful expression of mindful, healing movement in one’s body is the essence of my Pilates practice. A certified Pilates instructor since 1995, I bring my personal passion for Pilates to each class and am constantly inspired to help my clients strive for better core control and more balanced because of the excellent example set by Joseph Pilates’ method. I bring a contemporary flair to the traditional Pilates repertoire hoping to create a deep connection and better posture for my clients. My goal is to empower others to “float” through the various activities they take on; whether it’s biking, yoga, golfing, tennis or gardening, Pilates will make your life better and reduce potential injury. When I’m not teaching Pilates, I enjoy practicing AcroYoga, yoga, hiking and sailing. I am most proud of raising my three fabulous children and grateful for the gift Pilates has given me by helping me feel youthful, vital and focused on using my breath to help me breathe through the challenges life offers.