•Mindful Yoga – Wednesdays 7-8pm  – Mindful Yoga blends movement with awareness bringing attention to alignment and breath.  Each class will offer meditation, deep yin poses and a gentle flow.  The ability to combine awareness practice with a physical practice not only deepens your yoga practice, but provides an opportunity to extend that practice to your daily life.
•Lunchtime Quickie – Fridays 12:00-1:00pm  – Got 60 minutes?! Lunchtime Quickie is a great combination of internal heat building through a faster flow that leads into longer strengthening holds.  This class brings you safely into deeper opening and lengthening before healing with breath in savasana and sending you on your way!  Get ready to embrace the second half of your day with mind and body in alignment!
•Big Kid Yoga (ages 8 – 12) Thursdays 7:00pm –   This is a great class for school age kids to learn to develop body awareness, manage stress through breathing, build concentration, increase confidence, and build strength, balance and flexibility. 
•Youngster  Yoga (ages 5-8) – Mondays 4:30-5:15 – As this is a very playful age, the class focuses on games, imagination, stories, and simple practices to introduce all benefits of yoga. The poses are taught in a way to spark children’s creativity in a safe noncompetitive environment. Each class will end with a short breathing and relaxation to teach mindfulness and reduce stress.  

•Parent-Tot Yoga – Monday and Wednesdays 11-11:45am – Are you too busy chasing your toddler to make time for yoga class? Not anymore! Come stretch, strengthen, relax and gain tips for how you can bring some yoga into your daily life as a parent. Bring your little one for this playful class that will give you a chance to sneak in some yoga, bonding time with your toddler, and meeting other parents.