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Sarah Hammond, E-RYT, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, CHEK

Sarah believes that your body, mind & spirit are designed to be healthy… vitality is built into every cell in your body. She found yoga in 1997, through her father, and truly gained respect for it – only after 4 children, stressed adrenals, a herniated disk, 46 triathlons, holistic lifestyle coaching/ personal training / spinning certifications- and finally realized that yoga is the magic bullet.    Yoga connects us to our minds and bodies, transforming them, so that we can get… >> learn more.

Meg Ormsby

I discovered yoga in high school when the world felt like it was moving  too fast and I needed to slow down. I am a fast paced person and In high school I was captain of my volleyball team, taking care of my grandparents, holding down a job, and going to school but knew there was something missing in my life. I am now studying early-childhood education at UW-Milwaukee, which continues my love and passion for children…. >> learn more.